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when I was first looking for pro shop

and I had my first webinar demo with

Paul I said okay well where do you print

the router and he said well it’s a

paperless system and in my mind I was

like okay well that won’t work and then

we talked and we’re like well why is

that a problem and so once we fully

grasp of what that meant to go paperless

it was a night and day difference we

were all a little hesitant not having a

physical paper in front of us or a work

instruction or a work order it was a

little daunting at first but now

everybody actually really loves being

able to have access to all the

information they need at any given time

at first it took a little bit of time

you know cuz we’re used to having the

paper right there and we you know going

back and forth computer but now guys are

really starting to adapt to it the

machinists were originally very afraid

of getting rid of paper once we went

full board and put the computers in next

to their equipment so they had access to

the information everywhere they needed

to that fear subsided our machinists

have adapted very well to the paperless

system at first there was some

hesitation about not having a print in

front of them but once they realized the

amount of information that they have

available it really helped them

understand what the system is and how it

can help them

the paperless aspect of Pro Shop has

been really beneficial instead of

printing off Travelers and drawings and

such everyone’s able to just pull that

up directly from their work or directly

from the job beforehand we had these

folders paper in them and I can’t

describe how many times we’ve lost them

and had to go on a wild goose chase for

them we used to have paper files in a

file folder and a file cabinet with

various issues with penmanship and

legibility and it was pretty rough now

there’s no

papers the paperless method is

significantly faster than the paper

method we don’t have any more filing

cabinets there’s no looking for anything

I don’t have to go looking for this and

looking for that I don’t have a piece of

paper over here and a digital file over

here it’s all in one place it makes it

so we don’t have to have prints

scattered all over the place

everything’s just right on the computer

and I’m not searching for things we used

to spend hours a week and go through

reams of paper just printing out

Travelers prints setup information

putting it in protectors getting it out

to the shop floor and now you just put

the order in that data is live for

everybody to see anywhere in the shop

getting rid of our paper traveler system

has had a variety of benefits including

quicker calculation of work in process

quicker response to customers on where a

particular job may be and a complete

elimination of time looking for

appropriate paperwork and drawing you

don’t want to have to control paper

documents it’s too much hassle customers

are afraid that you’re going to lose

what documents they have so if we have

everything digital then it makes it

easier for a customer to trust that

we’re going to get done what we need to

get done right up to the very end if I

was speaking to a machinist that was

nervous about starting the usage of Pro

Shop who’s already used to a paper

environment I would say not to worry at

all it’s one of those things where once

you head down this road you don’t want

to go back it’s fairly freeing to be



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